Datasheet | June 16, 2009

Product Sheet: A2iA FieldReader Custom Module For Kofax Capture

Source: A2iA Corporation

Upgrading your Kofax Capture solution for improved ICR/OCR performance is easy with the A2iA FieldReader Custom Module. A2iA FieldReader has been seamlessly integrated into Kofax Capture using the Custom Module facility. Using A2iA's proprietary recognition technology, Intelligent Word Recognition (IWR), A2iA FieldReader allows you to go even further into the data capture process by extending your customers abilities to read handwriting the way it is written. The addition of IWR from A2iA will save you time and money and will reduce the need for manual correction and validation of automatic data capture.

Maximize your Kofax Capture System. Take advantage of the Forms Identification, Cleanup and Verification tools in Kofax Capture while using just one recognition engine for any type of writing. From the easiest (machine print OCR) to the most difficult (unconstrained, cursive or freestyle handwriting) A2iA FieldReader will give you the most accurate results possible.

Easy to Setup and Easy to Use. With a seamless integration between A2iA FieldReader and Kofax Capture, trained administrators can easily configure Kofax Capture to fully utilize the A2iA FieldReader recognition engine. The A2iA FieldReader module can operate within a centralized process (one central Kofax Capture system where A2iA FieldReader extracts the data from all of the images) or a decentralized process (A2iA extracts data at the remote scan station). Once set up, A2iA FieldReader is available for any batch.