Datasheet | June 16, 2009

Product Sheet: A2iA CheckReader Custom Module For Kofax Capture

Source: A2iA Corporation

Upgrading your Kofax Capture solution for comprehensive check indexing capabilities is easy with the A2iA CheckReader Custom Module for Kofax Capture. Beyond first-rate Courtesy and Legal Amount Recognition (CAR+LAR), the A2iA CheckReader Custom Module for Kofax Capture can read handwritten or machine printed information from a wide variety of financial documents such as business & personal checks, money orders, deposit slips, and remittance coupons. The A2iA CheckReader Custom Module is used for various applications including remittance, archiving & retrieval, fraud detection and in any application where highly accurate recognition of financial documents is required.

A Leader in Recognition Technology. A2iA CheckReader uses its own proprietary, advanced neural network and artificial intelligence to locate, clean, de-slant and segment writing into words, numerals and characters. A2iA has developed several individual recognition engines that are designed to work together. These engines are precision engineered to take full advantage of A2iA's proprietary neural network and artificial intelligence technology, enabling the fastest and most accurate results possible. With complete control over the technology within its products, A2iA has proven itself a leader around the world with frequent releases of improved recognition engines and its responsiveness to new problems in the field.