Case Study

A Successful DDC Implementation That Any Organization Should Aspire To

Meeting - Paperwork

Linear Clinical Research, a 32-bed facility in Perth, Australia, was using paper-based data capture and management for all its clinical trials. But the rapidly-growing company realized that if they continued with paper, they would not be able to realize the efficiencies they needed to continue their growth and continue delivering outstanding service to patients and study sponsors.

Linear aimed to maximize their reduction in paper usage, and so in addition to EDC, they were interested in implementing a tablet-based direct data capture (DDC) application, which allows researchers to capture data electronically at clinical trial sites and sync it to the EDC with no paper involved.

They selected Medrio’s integrated Electronic Data Capture (EDC) and direct data capture (DDC) platform which allowed them to reduce paper usage by 95% and monitoring visits by 50%.