Case Study

A More Reliable, More Efficient Aerator – Tomball, TX WWTP

A More Reliable, More Efficient Aerator – Tomball, TX WWTP

In 2013, operators of the Tomball, Texas Wastewater Treatment Plant were facing increasing maintenance issues with three brush aerators operating in the plant's two-channel oxidation ditch. The aerator failures were threatening to compromise effluent quality and environmental compliance. Tomball needed replacements.​

​Evoqua determined that Tomball WWTP's existing tank widths were ideal for replacing existing brush aerators with Envirex® Disc Aerators.​ Envirex advantages include:

  • Longer operating life due to non-metallic construction
  • Improved mixing efficiency, lower energy, simpler operation, and less maintenance
  • No additional baffles or mixers required
  • Significantly reduced misting
  • Easier on drive systems​

After start-up, plant operators noted reduced noise, fewer dead zones and fewer odors due to the disc aerator's superior mixing and oxygenation. Energy consumption was also reduced. And, most important, Tomball WWTP achieved consistent effluent quality and compliance with environmental limits.​

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