White Paper

A2iA's Recognition Technology For Streamlined BPO And Service Bureau Operations

Source: A2iA Corporation

For BPOs and Service Bureaus, success can be measured on the ability to satisfy the needs of customers while generating revenue through processes where there is visible return on investment. There is an increasing demand from customers for timely data processing without threat to accuracy or privacy, which means that in order for BPOs and Service Bureaus to satisfy the needs of their customers, they must integrate a solution capable of handling complex data from various types of documents regardless of the industry for which they work. The paper chase still occurs in almost all industries today, despite the transformation to electronic documentation and cloud computing. Taking on the task of processing a business’ data can be cumbersome with the large amount of complex data that resides on physical documents. But how can BPOs and Service Bureaus implement the best possible practices for handling their customers’ data while generating revenue?

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