Newsletter | November 6, 2018

11.06.18 -- 9 Compelling Reasons Your Business Should Consider Adopting eForms


The holidays are upon us! And as surprising as that is to all of us, charities across the country have already ramped up for a year-end push for donations. Although most charities and nonprofits have shifted to an online platform for donations and marketing, many charities still utilize direct mail as their primary source for donations. How these mail-in donations are processed can make or break a nonprofit's overhead or make your donation go much further. Learn more.

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The Ethics Of Responsible Document Management: How To Avoid Being A Non-Compliant Nightmare
Article | By OPEX Corporation

Implementing a responsible approach to document management not only makes compliance easier, but also ensures that companies are adequately protecting their customers’ information.

ECM: Gearing Up For A Much Bigger Race
Guest Column | By John Mancini, CEO, AIIM

Consumerization, cloud, mobile, and the Internet of Things have all arrived at breakneck speed, signaling up the end of ECM as we know it, as organizations battle to cope with content overload in the triad made up of people, process, and technology. This gargantuan growth in Big Data will see a metamorphosis of ECM to cope with the new landscape that is being driven by connected devices.

9 Compelling Reasons Your Business Should Consider Adopting eForms
Guest Column | By Tom Franceski, DocStar

Electronic forms — also referred to as e-forms — are not new, but there are many businesses and organizations that still use paper forms. Many forms are prefilled, printed, and then used to record a signature. Some companies use a word-processing program to create a fillable PDF and end up printing the form to retain a paper document. If your business hasn’t made the switch, read on below to learn nine compelling reasons your business should make the move now to abandon paper forms and switch to electronic forms.

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