Newsletter | December 4, 2018

12.04.18 -- 6 Reasons Content Services Needs To Be A Part Of Your Big Data Strategy


The holidays are upon us! And as surprising as that is to all of us, charities across the country have already ramped up for a year-end push for donations. Although most charities and nonprofits have shifted to an online platform for donations and marketing, many charities still utilize direct mail as their primary source for donations. How these mail-in donations are processed can make or break a nonprofit's overhead or make your donation go much further. Learn more.

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Government Agency Moves To Digital Records Without Missing A Beat (Or Byte)
Case Study | By Kodak Alaris

It’s tough enough to move from paper to digital and from legacy to modern integrated systems. Add in a physical move to a new location – along with merging of records from another government agency – and the need to access paper documents and input new records during the transition, and... Well, you can see how quickly the difficulties multiply.

Digitize Your Documents — Save The Planet
Article | By OPEX Corporation

The idea of the “paperless office” has traditionally been centered around cost and efficiency improvements. But in addition to reducing your line-item costs for paper, toner, and other printing expenses (if it’s in digital form), you can also move information faster.

6 Reasons Content Services Needs To Be A Part Of Your Big Data Strategy
Guest Column | By Dave Jones, Nuxeo

Organizations today are faced with managing a monumental amount of data that impacts nearly every aspect of their daily operations. To put this into perspective, think about your own email today and compare it with your email from five or ten years ago. The sheer volume of emails you receive in a day, and the size and variety of rich content files attached to those emails, are nowhere near comparable.

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