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04.18.17 -- 4 Print And Document Trends You Need To Be Aware Of

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How To Ensure The Success Of Your Digital Mailroom
By Tim Osman via the OPEX Blog

From email and fax to digitally born documents, from interoffice envelopes to United States Postal mail and overnight deliveries, there is a constant barrage of information and multiple streams of data entering our organizations. The real task is determining the best, most efficient, and most cost-effective way to collect, digitize, organize, and deliver this mail.

AI, Machine Learning & Pattern Recognition Help Indict 7 In $98 Million Workers Compensation Case
By A2iA Corporation

Insurance claim files are complex by nature — their formats and mixed content, the volume of documents and supporting pages, and the variance of the data types found within. This is a challenge the insurance industry must manage on a daily basis as they review and manage claims processing. However, it becomes more complex when law enforcement is involved to investigate a potential criminal matter.

4 Print And Document Trends You Need To Be Aware Of
By Martin deMartini, Y Soft

If digital transformation is not on your to-do list, it should be. This includes changing operations to take advantage of technologies such as cloud and Software-as-a-Service, as well as ensuring the security of these services. Some businesses are sluggish to realize the benefits of extending this approach to print and digital document workflows or have overlooked it altogether. There is a phenomenal opportunity for organizations to reap the benefits of the latest advances to drastically improve productivity, reduce costs, and increase document security.

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A2iA Mobility

The same capabilities that the global payment systems and document processing markets have trusted for more than 25 years are now available for mobile devices. Bring diversity and breadth to your product-suite with our patented technology, enabling a seamless and simpler user experience. Available for Android, iOS, and Windows, let A2iA take your mobile document processing steps beyond where it is today.

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