Newsletter | April 17, 2018

04.17.18 -- 4 Considerations When Choosing An In-House Document Capture Solution

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Digital Mailroom Can Solve Returned Mail Woes
Article | By OPEX Corporation

For a corporate mailroom, standard incoming mail is a snap to handle, particularly if there is some level of automation in place. Returned mail, on the other hand, poses a substantial challenge.

Document Collaboration — It Isn't Really A Problem, Is It?
Guest Column | By Hans Downer, SavvyDox

In the grand scheme of things, document collaboration is a mundane, time-consuming process that normally doesn't get much attention since executives normally don't get heavily involved in the process, nor do they understand the magnitude of the impact on their organization. However, taking the approach of ignoring a mundane, time-consuming process could have a big negative impact on your career.

4 Considerations When Choosing An In-House Document Capture Solution
Guest Column | By Susan Cotter, Madison Advisors

In the quest for greater operational efficiency, many organizations recognize the need to optimize document scanning and capture workflows within their operations. However, before selecting a capture hardware or software solution, it is important to understand your current workflows to avoid the common mistake of selecting technology and then trying to fit your workflow to it. Your workflow processes should align with the desired outcomes for speed and cost reductions in conjunction with selecting the best technology to further those goals.

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