Newsletter | February 19, 2019

02.19.19 -- 2019 Trends In Digital Signage

Featured Article
The Ethics Of Responsible Document Management: How To Avoid Being A Non-Compliant Nightmare
Article | OPEX Corporation

Implementing a responsible approach to document management not only makes compliance easier, but also ensures that companies are adequately protecting their customers’ information.

Don’t Forget Data Trapped In Documents And PDF Files
Guest Column | Jeff Segarra, Nuance Document Imaging Division

Most organizations are probably familiar with the concept of Big Data and how it can help them make better business decisions. Yet until now, many have overlooked an extremely valuable source of data that can be used in the same way: paper documents and PDF files.

2019 Trends In Digital Signage
Guest Column | By Noel Sheppard, Distec

Digital signage might sound simple; but it actually has an extraordinarily broad range of applications, across both B2B industries as well as consumer-facing ones. As the interface between an individual or group of users and an organization, the opportunities for creative communication are endless. 2019 is looking like an incredibly exciting year for many sectors, and digital signage is at the forefront of that buzz.

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