• To Get To Better Records Management, Take The Bridge

    Improving records management is a little like losing weight. It’s easiest to lumber along not thinking about it, until a wakeup call comes, like chest pains or the doctor telling you that you are one milkshake away from diabetes.

  • The New World Of Patient Data Management

    In today’s increasingly paperless world, companies across industries have been rapidly adopting electronic file systems, record keeping and communication programs. The healthcare industry is no exception. Advancements in patient record technology are revolutionizing the way the healthcare system is run and operated. The days of relying solely on paper charts and notes to record patients’ medical histories are obsolete, and in many offices and healthcare institutions, they are gone completely. These outdated systems are replaced by cutting-edge yet easy to use web-based solutions that handle all documents digitally, thereby improving speed of access to important patient records while reducing administrative burdens, improving efficiency and lowering costs. By Simon Wieczner, CEO, Snowbound Software

  • Why Metadata Should Be The Cornerstone Of Your ECM Strategy

    Experts say that the more valuable the information asset, the more metadata you’ll find associated with it, and therefore the more critical managing metadata becomes to your organization. Unfortunately for many companies, metadata continues to be an afterthought, particularly when implementing an enterprise content management (ECM) solution.

  • The Next PC Era

    Welcome to the new PC era!  A recent Gartner Research report has coined the next age of computing, the age of the Personal Cloud. In this new PC era, information workers will carry between 4 and 6 computing devices, many of which have not been provisioned by corporate IT. The PC era is being ushered in by ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) initiatives at organizations worldwide, through which employees are free to purchase their own mobile devices for work.  While often seen as a cost-cutting measure for IT, make no mistake.

  • Three Ways Mailroom Automation Is The Future Of Customer Engagement

    Today’s enterprise organizations are tasked with ingesting and distributing incoming mail and documents at an ever-expanding volume and rate. Getting a handle on efficiently managing and processing such information is a critical step toward increasing the productivity of departments, groups and individuals.

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  • Zebra To Acquire Motorola’s Enterprise Business for $3.5 Billion

    Transaction expected to be completed by end of the year, enhancement of growth prospects, creation of value expected By John Oncea, editor

  • Intelligent Information: Improving the Customer Experience

    A recent consumer magazine survey showed that over 25% of the general public has had cause for complaint about their interactions with a product or service provider in the last year, and 64% would be put off switching their business to a company that had a poor reputation for customer service. “How satisfied are you with the service you received?” is no longer the key question for customer satisfaction measures.

  • Lender's Loan Volume More Than Doubles With New Distributed Document Capture & ECM Software

    Throughput, the quantity of raw material or information processed or communicated in a given time, can either hamper or help an organization.

  • Creating Intelligent Customer Service Experiences

    As consumers, we value simple, practical support in our search for solutions. Of course, we expect to be served quickly, politely, and competently. About 84 percent of us trust other consumers’ experiences, but only 17 percent of us cite marketing messages alone for triggering a purchase decision 1 . Being able to access the Internet whenever and wherever we are has changed our expectations.

  • Input And Response Management: Your Path To Intelligent Process Automation

    Input Management still presents a major challenge to mid-size and large organizations that need to process large volumes of text-based business transactions on a daily basis – transactions that rely on input received by mail, e-mail and the Internet. Only companies that adopt a solid digital mailroom approach that analyzes, understands, and automates all incoming mail will manage to successfully control this growing flood of information.

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Records Management For Government

Records Management For Government

Digital government is here. As technology evolves, people are expecting to engage with their government in new ways. Society is becoming increasingly mobile and content is moving into the cloud, putting pressure on governments to interact with constituents in new ways—across many channels and formats—openly, transparently, and securely.

ECM Solutions For Employee Management

ECM Solutions For Employee Management

The day-to-day operations of a human resources department mean supporting the clients you serve — the employees your organization hired. Payroll and benefit inquiries pour in, with very little time to answer them. With ImageNow, your HR staff is empowered to answer employees' questions on the fly. No more putting an employee on hold to go to a filing cabinet for answers.
Brainware Distiller For Invoices

Brainware Distiller For Invoices

Brainware Distiller is powerful data capture software that can process multiple and changing invoice types. Distiller extracts and exports critical data and line item detail to your existing financial and enterprise content management (ECM) systems—positively impacting your bottom line. Brainware Distiller is the only accounts payable automation platform to reduce manual data entry by 80-100% right out of the box. Imagine if your AP department could handle more invoices in less time, reduce errors, avoid late payment penalties and take advantage of early payment discounts—all while giving you back control of your accounts payable processes.
Mid-Volume Scanner: ibml ImageTrac Lite Document Scanner For Remittance Processing

Mid-Volume Scanner: ibml ImageTrac Lite Document Scanner For Remittance Processing

ibml’s ImageTrac-Lite is a specially configured, hardware, software and services solution that provides fast, reliable and easy-to-use document scanning at a competitive price.



VistaCapture is a development system for rapid development of data capture applications. Most of the functionality you’ll need is right in the tool, keeping coding to a minimum. Since it uses universally recognized languages such as Microsoft’s Visual Basic, you don’t need to hire trained programmers.
Panasonic Front Desk KVS-1025c

Panasonic Front Desk KVS-1025c

Virtually any type of document, from business card size to legal size, from thin onion skin paper to thick hard ID cards, single sided or double sided, the new KV-S1025C/KV-S1020C can scan them all in color or black and white.
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  • Konica Minolta Acquires Pitney Bowes Canada’s Document Imaging Solutions Business

    Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A. (Konica Minolta) recently announced that Konica Minolta Business Solutions (Canada) has acquired Pitney Bowes Canada’s Document Imaging Solutions (DIS) business, consisting of the hardware and document management software solutions segment, which generated approximately CAN$82M in revenue in 2013.

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