Viewing Attachments More Easily At Yahoo! Mail

Every day, Yahoo! Mail users send and receive millions of attachments. The most common ones are either Adobe PDFs or Microsoft Office documents such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint. In order to read these documents, users have to download them and use the corresponding desktop software to open them up.

  • Saving Resources With An HTML5 Viewer

    Document collaboration has become a business norm in the 21st century. No matter what field you work in, whether it’s advertising, architecture, technology, or any other field, you have at some point collaborated on a document with your employees and there is a wide range of different file formats to sift through.

  • Integrating Data Capture For Invoices And Other Semi-structured Forms

    Recent research conducted by IBM, Gartner and Merrill Lynch has reached the conclusion that roughly 80 percent of data in companies today is semistructured or unstructured.

  • For Cloud Security Design, Don't Ignore DRM

    January’s report from the Cloud Security Alliance, “Cloud Adoption Practices & Priorities Survey,” only confirmed what every other such survey has said for the past year or so:.

  • Eliminating Barriers To Full-Workflow e-Discovery

    Predictive coding shows us where e-discovery technology wishes it could go: total automation. Encode a complete legal mind into a software program, load up the discovery portfolio, count to ten, and out pop coded, annotated, redacted production files.

  • Best Practices: Improving ICR Accuracy With Better Form Design

    Throughout time people have been looking for ways to gather information. The invention of the printing press allowed large scale production of documents and printing of the earliest forms. Until the 1980’s information collected from forms was tabulated by hand or manually entered into a computer.

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LibertyNET OCR

LibertyNET OCR

With LibertyNET OCR, you can perform full-text indexing, searching and editing to improve your document handling capabilities.
EMC Captiva ISIS PixTools - Imaging Toolkit, Imaging Software SDK

EMC Captiva ISIS PixTools - Imaging Toolkit, Imaging Software SDK

Simplify development and quickly create document imaging applications with EMC Captiva PixTools.
Fujitsu fi-6130 Sheet-Fed Scanner

Fujitsu fi-6130 Sheet-Fed Scanner

Discover a new level of front-office productivity with the fi-6130 document scanner Enhanced with innovative features, the Fujitsu fi-6130 scanner offers outstanding price/performance value in a compact footprint, conserving both space and budget.
Kodak Capture Software For Document Imaging

Kodak Capture Software For Document Imaging

Kodak and Third-Party Vendor Software
Panini Products from NewWave Technologies

Panini Products from NewWave Technologies

The Panini Vision X™ is the next generation check scanning platform designed specifically for distributed check capture. The Panini My Vision X, a high performance check processing solution developed and manufactured by Panini, is characterized by its ease of use and scalability.
Viking Scanner Module (VSM)

Viking Scanner Module (VSM)

Viking Scanner Module (VSM) is an easy-to-use software application for SCSI-based scanners that produces batched, key-ready digital images from your paper documents. Viking Scanner Module works with a number of scanners.
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